Netrunr Station Mode Setup Guide

This section applies to the Netrunr B24C and E24 gateways. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the indicators and connection ports on the gateway. Text labels are used to mark LAN and WAN ports. Ensure that all applicable antennas are correctly attached. For any issues with the setup or use of this product, please contact us at for assistance.

Netrunr gateway has to be connected to the network to access the Netrunr API and system configuration. The following four options are provided for network connectivity:

The Wi-Fi station mode setup requires one of the other three connections to be operational. The procedure below uses the wired LAN connection to access and configure the Netrunr gateway.


Follow the procedure outlined below. This process is also illustrated in the short video below.

  1. Ensure all antennas are attached as appropriate for your gateway.
  2. Power up the gateway and ensure the power LED is ON.
  3. Connect to the gateway to your computer using one of the network connection methods.
  4. The LAN connection option is the simplest and the recommended method when getting started with Netrunr gateway products.
  5. Login into the system as root and enter the system password.
  6. Press the Login button to enter the Netrunr admin page.
  7. Enter the Wireless configuration page under the Network->Wireless menu.
  8. To search for wireless access points in your vicinity, press the Scan button.
  9. Select the appropriate wireless network and press Join Network button.
  10. Enter the network password and press Submit button.
  11. On the next screen, press Save button.
  12. Press Save & Apply button to update all wireless configuration changes. Please see the note below in case you are applying this from a client computer that is connected to the gateway through Wi-Fi access point.
  13. Verify station mode connectivity by using network tools like ping to validate the IP address.

Netrunr Gateway Wi-Fi Station Mode Setup Guide
Note: Configuration roll-back issues

Some configuration changes can lead to loss of control or access to the system. The system automatically detects some of these situations and rolls-back the configuration to the previous state. One of situations that can trigger the roll-back is by adding or removing the station mode when connected over Wi-Fi link. During this process, the client loses connection, and validation logic fails. To bypass this check, use APPLY UNCHECKED instead of SAVE & APPLY option.

For any issues with the setup or use of this product, please contact us at for assistance.