Netrunr System Password Setup Guide

This section applies to the Netrunr B24C and E24 gateways. The default system has no password. It is essential that you follow this procedure to set a strong password to prevent unauthorized access to the system. Note the password in a safe place and use it for web or SSH access to the gateway.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you lose your password, Axiomware Systems, Inc. has no method recover your password. To recover from this situation, you will have to follow the factory reset procedure. This will reset the configuration to the factory defaults.


Follow the procedure outlined below. This process is also illustrated in the short video below.

  1. Power up the gateway and ensure the power LED is ON.
  2. Connect to the gateway using one of the network connection methods.
  3. The LAN connection option is the simplest and the recommended method when getting started with Netrunr gateway products.
  4. Login into the system as root. There is no password set.
  5. Press the Login button to enter the Netrunr admin page.
  6. Enter the Password configuration menu under the System->Administration menu.
  7. Choose a new password and confirm your selection.
  8. Verify your new password by using the login procedure again.

Netrunr Gateway System Password Setup Guide

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