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Netrunr: the connected gateway for low-power Bluetooth (BLE) devices

With Netrunr, you can remotely and securely access your connected devices at anytime from anywhere.


Netrunr always provides access to your devices, even if there is no Smartphone nearby.


Netrunr uses TLS, the same security used to protect banking, eCommerce and other transactions having sensitive information.


Send Notifications, SMS texts, or email for important alerts, or if your devices require attention (e.g. Low Battery).


Attractively packaged, small, lightweight, and noiseless. Netrunr fits anywhere and works with either Wi-Fi, or a wired Ethernet connection.


Easy to setup and use. All you need is a (free) Netrunr cloud account and Wi-Fi network.


Netrunr has mobile apps for Android and iOS. It can also be used on any device with a web browser.


Netrunr works with all kinds of BLE devices like beacons, buttons, tags, and a variety of sensors. And, unlike many Smartphone based systems, can handle multiple devices at a time.


There is built-in support to detect when devices come and go (like your kid's Smartphone), even if they are never directly connected.


Power over USB from any device with a USB port. Netrunr also operates with USB-to-120 Volt wall plugs. No batteries are required, and you never need to recharge.


Netrunr works with power banks. Just plug it in, set the Wi-Fi network and go.


Can be used with Wi-Fi range extenders, and newer Wi-Fi "mesh" networks.


Multiple Netrunr units can be placed to increase reach and improve overall coverage.

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AXIOMWARE is a Silicon Valley-based product development company extending and simplifying connectivity for low-power devices, such as beacons and sensors.

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