IoT connectivity

Living on the Edge

Axiomware's Netrunr Bluetooth® Gateways provide an easy and cost effective way to deploy low-power wireless devices. Using industry standard Bluetooth protocols, Netrunr Gateway is compatible with thousands of sensors, actuators, beacons and smart devices.

All Netrunr Gateways use IP protocol to interconnect gateways and cloud resources. The combination of IP protocols and open API enables you to create powerful applications and achieve valuable outcomes.

With many choices for connectivity, compute models and data analysis, Axiomware strives very hard to step beyond the hype to ensure that you will find a good solution that fits your application. All our products are available with full documentation, code samples and various evaluation options.

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Netrunr B24C Bluetooth Gateway

Core Features

  • Bluetooth® LE 4.2 Certified
  • Persistent 24x7 connection
  • Low power, bi-directional communication links
  • Device level configurability on power, latency and throughput
  • Secure device access and data storage
  • IP addressability for gateway and devices
  • Wide interoperability and open cloud API
  • Free cloud access, code samples and online support

Want to know how it works and how to write your own app?

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