Netrunr Edge


Netrunr Edge provides upstream services and resources for Netrunr Gateways.

Netrunr Edge supports configuration, data processing, messaging, provisioning, storage, and update functions. It also executes Netrunr-related applications, and maintains visibility onto gateway connectivity, operations, and data flow.

Netrunr Edge

Figure 1: Netrunr Edge

Netrunr Edge clients include cloud or edge servers, IoT platforms, middleware, or end applications. Individual gateways or gateway clusters may be attached to Netrunr Edge.

Netrunr Edge is deployed as SaaS, software images (host, VM, container), and network appliances.


Regardless of deployment, Netrunr Edge has a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The primary services operated include:

  • Account Management
  • Administration
  • Authentication
  • Configuration
  • Database
  • Encryption
  • FOTA upgrades
  • Messaging
  • Provisioning
  • Security certificate management
  • Web

Services are accessed through UI applications (e.g. web portal, mobile app) and APIs.

Hosted (SaaS) or Private Deployment

SaaS deployment includes multi-vendor cloud hosting, operations support (software upgrades, security monitoring, backups), an administrative console, and mobile apps.

Private deployments are on one of the supported platforms (currently Debian-based) or network applicances. Minimum installation requires only a small memory footprint and modest storage and CPU resources. Shared machines may be used although a dedicated VM is recommended.