Smart Buildings

Smart buildings are gaining broader acceptance among property owners and building managers concerned about the cost of energy, security, safety, and comfort for their employees, tenants, and customers.

Smart buildings generally provide a variety of valued features, including:

  • Secure Access Control (exterior and interior).
  • Fire and Safety System Management.
  • Comfort Control.
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring.

smart building with Bluetooth IoT

As these features migrate across commercial, retail, rental, and other environments, expectations are changing among owners and occupants as they become more accustomed to the new services provided.

Data collected from Smart Buildings are also being used to increase efficiency, and to understand patterns of use to better design and optimize building features, controls, and operations.

However, as with all new technologies, the costs of delivering and maintaing these services need to be considered. In new buildings, implementing complete end-to-end solutions may provide more rapid ROI than in existing structures, where retrofits are needed. But in both cases, point-solutions can provide an attractive alternative with reduced costs, ease of deployment, and ability to upgrade as technology and products evolve.

The transformation to Smart buildings is expected to occur over an extended period of time, as various solutions appear, and winners and standards emerge. But there are immediate benefits available to early adopters.

Adherence to portable controls and connected sensors, integrated with wireless gateways are a cost effective way to rapidly add specific Smart building features. This approach also reduces dependence on any single product or vendor.

Solutions which use available standards for connectivity and data management may offer the greatest promise for achieving successful results.

Axiomware Netrunr Bluetooth® gateways play a key role in both wireless and wired network integration. Netrunr has been tested to interoperate with a wide variety of Bluetooth sensors and devices, reliably providing secure remote access and control, and a simple one-step configuration process.

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