Aurel 300ER Wireless Audio Module


Aurel 300ER Wireless Audio Module

Aurel 300ER is a compact and long-range integrated module for wireless broadcasting and receiving audio data which may be connected to an external antenna.

Products ranging from tiny wearables to enterprise-scale professional audio systems can leverage Aurel 300ER to increase capability, reduce time-to-market, and simplify product design.

Aurel 300ER is fully certified and easily configured for mono or stereo broadcast or receive. Broadcasts may be optimized for low-power receivers (e.g. hearing aids), or for highest fidelity.

Audio streams may include context and content-related information to classify and identify audio material, and simplify channel search in all audio programming environments.

Broadcasts may be made public, or private to secure audio data and enable access protection. Receivers may opt-in to privately (anonymously) receiving broadcasts.

The Aurel 300 Dev Kit may be used for out-of-the-box wireless broadcast demonstrations and product prototypes. Multiple Kits may be deployed to scale the number of receivers, operate co-located broadcasters, or as test platforms in production environments.

Aurel Evaluation Kit (Coming soon)

Bluetooth LE

Product Brief

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100 - 999
1000 - 9999
10000 +

For large quantities, please contact us to coordinate delivery and price.


  • No expensive wiring to install or maintain
  • Unlimited number of receivers
  • Public or private broadcasts
  • Mono or stereo channels
  • Quality level setting
  • Low audio latency
  • High reliability mode
  • Receiver privacy mode
  • Secure access mode
  • OTA firmware updates
  • Compatible module versions


  • Teleconferencing
  • Public broadcasting
  • Live event presentations
  • Panel discussions
  • Blogger interviews
  • Television streaming devices
  • Remote microphones / speakerphones
  • Group communication systems
  • Sports communication links
  • Wired link replacement


  • Audio
  • I2S (controller / target, mono / stereo, 16 - 48kHz)
  • PDM digital microphones (2)
  • Asynchronous sample rate converter

  • Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.4
  • Tx: +21dBm (max)
  • Antenna: u.FL connector to external

  • Control
  • Broadcast or receive mode
  • Channels (mono / stereo)
  • Quality level (lower power / higher fidelity)
  • Security (encryption, access)
  • Reliability mode (standard / high)
  • Receiver privacy mode
  • Physical
  • 14 x 16 x 2.0 mm (W x L x H)
  • -40 to +85º C operating temperature

  • Power
  • 1.7 - 5.5V supply voltage

  • Regulatory
  • FCC, CE
  • RoHS
  • QDID