About Us

Axiomware is a fast growing company located in the buzzing San Francisco bay area. We are excited to work at the intersection of several significant industry trends like Internet of Things (IoT), sensor innovations, big data, cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Without a doubt, these trends are driving an exponential decrease in the cost of sensors, compute power, connectivity, data storage and software. These advances are enabling not just smart products, but smarter systems. The key to these smart systems is seamless connectivity.

At Axiomware, we want to help you create these solutions with minimum friction. We operate with a simple business model and provide open APIs that allows you to buy our connectivity solution and work with other upstream and downstream providers. We understand how important it is for you to have a positive outcome and we will work with you to achieve this.

San Francisco

Alfred Gomes, Ph.D


Carl Stehle